You can attach it directly to walls, but the flexible feature makes it great for upcycling table legs, plant pots, bedside table, drawer fronts or any curved surfaces. Visit our gallery to see more images of competed projects.

We have a formula on our installation guide here  

Our ½ panels are 110cm high and our full-length panels are 240cm high.

3mm thick including the felt backboard. The panels are purposefully designed to be thinner than standard panels on the market for upcycling projects where you would want the material to sit as flat as possible.

To cut the panels in width a simple utility knife is all that you need. Run the blade in-between the slats a few times and it will separate with a clean cut.

To cut the panels in height a saw is required. Ensure the wood is clamped down and cut with a wood saw, circular saw, jig-saw or similar.

If you are a beginner, adding frog tape across the cut line will help prevent splintering. We suggest having a sander on hand to tidy up any cut edges if required.

We have a few basic videos on our Instagram page @DIYHerWay under the highlights “CUTTING”.

Simply use construction adhesive, such as No More Nails, to secure in place.

Normally, yes. The standard ceiling height in the UK is 240cm floor to ceiling, which is the height of our panels.

Yes. Bamboo is a highly water-resistant material so it would be a great material choice for a bathroom. We would recommend you to varnish the unvarnished products and remember they are water-resistant, but not fully water-proof.

Always check with your local building inspector regarding using any timber near heat sources. Depending on the rating of the appliance in question, they may recommend a sheet of fire-resistant glass behind and/or above the appliance.

Yes, absolutely. The bamboo panels come unvarnished, so give them a quick sand, prime and paint or stain as desired. The varnished panels can easily be sanded back before painting. (We always recommend sanding in-between coats).

We love using self-priming and self-levelling paints to save time, for example Frenchic do a “Lazy” range that is awesome. If you are using our products in bathrooms or kitchens, we recommend a good quality eggshell paint that tends to be more durable compared to emulsion paints.

The varnished panels require no further protection. You may wish to varnish or wax the unvarnished panels if you choose to add an extra layer of protection, but this is not an essential step as our panels as scratch-resistant and water-resistant.

We have some suggestions of our favourite products listed on our Amazon store.

The best way is to tag your products via our Instagram page @DIYHerWay or email them to Becky at contact@diyherway.com

We currently do not run an influencer program. However, you can link our products for your followers via Amazon’s Affiliate Program.

We don’t advise this as the look won’t be seamless. You will be better purchasing one of our longer length panels. If you have to join the panels, we recommend adding moulding or a picture rail to cover the join.

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