Becky Russell is a content creator of @SurreyHouseDIY and owner of home improvement brand DIY Her Way

About Me

Never Try To Do Anything, Just Do It

I’m a mum of two, wife and homeowner. I am an avid DIYer who is renovating her whole house on a budget.

My approach was born out of necessity and a lack of budget. I didn’t want to rely on my husband or wait for other people to do what needed doing. I had to get out there and make it happen for myself.

My goal is to turn my house into a home that I feel happy in, and inspiring others to do the same. I want people to know that they can upcycle their old dressers, make themselves a desk space, or even renovate their whole house.

I want to bring awareness that anyone can achieve what they envisage for their homes, regardless of their DIY skill level.

Changing The Face Of DIY

Women are carving out a powerful space for themselves in DIY: not content to leave the DIY work to the men in their lives anymore.
We’re taking back control and are able to achieve what we want by rolling up our sleeves and really getting stuck in.

“I never think about the enormity of the projects I’m taking on, or the fact I’ve never done them before. If I did, I likely wouldn’t start them. I get excited about the finished result and keep that in my mind when things get hard.”
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