3-Door Cabinet Upcycle

I love to upcycle old furniture as you can create one-of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find in any mass-produced furniture shops. Allow me a little ramble here? As a mum, I have a fierce, forever love for my kids. But as a parent I don’t often enjoy the unpredictability and out-of-control feeling the job entails.Continue reading “3-Door Cabinet Upcycle”

Laying Laminate Flooring with Skirting Boards Still On

When I was quoted over £1000 to lay the laminate flooring, I decided to do it myself.  Like all the projects I start, I learn as I go. And do you know what? It’s not that hard. Let me walk you through the 8 steps: I sought advice from an Instagram friend of mine, Jamie,Continue reading “Laying Laminate Flooring with Skirting Boards Still On”

3-Year Old Boy’s Bedroom

I last decorated my son’s bedroom before he was born, so this was the first time he had an opinion on the décor he wanted. His requests were: Peppa Pig, Batman and Rainbows. Now, it’s important to deliver on these requests for your most harsh critiques (I’m referring to toddlers in general here), but youContinue reading “3-Year Old Boy’s Bedroom”