How To Make Your Own Flower Pots


Looking for a way to add interest to your home and garden with not only a few colorful flowers, but the flower pots that they call home? Then, think about making your own flower pots to add just the right touch of decorative style and whimsy. Making your own flower pot is relatively easy to do and can be a fun craft project to do alone, with friends, or with your kids, and the results can showcase your artistic flair and creativity. In fact, personalized flower pots are a great gift-giving idea, whether you need a teacher gift, a gift for a friend on the mend, or just a little something special to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

There are many different ways to make your own flower pots, and there is really no “right” or “wrong” way to do so, as long as you make sure that your finished product is waterproof so that it does not get ruined when it’s time to water your flowers. Other than that, you can use almost any size or type of flower pot, and a variety of different materials in order to complete your custom flower pot design. Stumped for some ideas for customizing flower pots? Read on for a bit of inspiration…

  • Clay flower pots are basically like a blank canvas just waiting for embellishment. You can decorate a clay flower pot with acrylic paint, pastels, a collage of pictures, photos or fabric that are adhered using modge podge, a few small items glued on, or a pretty ribbon. Or combine a few different decorative touches, starting with a coat of colorful paint and then adding a pretty ribbon or some small stones on top for an added touch. If you are using paint, pastels or modge podge, be sure to add a sealer on to protect your finished work.
  • Ceramic flower pots can be embellished with glued on jewels, stones, or other trinkets, or you can take a beautiful ribbon and tie it around the flower pot for some added interest. Most ceramic flower pots are already painted or glazed, so they already have a decorative edge and just need a few “extras” to really make them shine!
  • Plastic flower pots are great for children to personalize, since there is no chance of them falling and breaking during the “creative” process. As with ceramic flower pots, you can glue small items on to the surface of the flower pot, and there are even some plastic flower pots with inserts included so you can have your child decorate the inserts with crayons or paint and then slip the inserts back under the plastic exterior of the flower pot. These make great teacher gifts, get well gifts or mother’s day gifts.

One of the best things about making decorative flower pots is that they are easy to make and fun to do, and as an added bonus, they don’t cost you very much! You can buy flower pots cheap because you only need basic unadorned flower pots, and then you can create beautiful works of art on your pots. You are not limited by the size of the pot or whether you are using your pots indoors or out. You can just as easily decorate large flower pots as you can small flower pots – you’ll just have a bigger canvas on which to create! And the only difference between customizing outdoor flower pots compared to those intended for indoor use is that you have to make sure you properly seal the pots so they withstand all types of weather.

So, the next time you are looking for a fun craft project that can really be used around your home, or that can be given as a special gift for a variety of occasions, grab a few cheap flower pots, get out some artistic supplies, and let your imagination take over! Your flowers may even be jealous when they realize they’re not the main attraction!

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