How To Build An Inexpensive White Headboard


A white headboard can make a huge design statement in your bedroom.  With their utter simplicity and sophistication, white headboards evoke classic design and a soothing and relaxing aura to your bedroom.  Whether your walls are painted a soothing spa blue or a vibrant yellow, or just about any color in between, the contrast of a white headboard against the walls can create a bedroom that evokes beauty, tranquility and harmony.

One of the nice things about choosing a white headboard for your bedroom, rather than one with more elaborate finishes, is that you can save yourself a lot of money by making your own DIY white headboard.   Since the finishes are easy to achieve, you can get a bit creative with the style of headboard you want without having to worry about how you’re going to master a certain type of finish to give it that extra “oomph” it needs to really stand out in the room.  There are numerous options you have when it comes to building an inexpensive white headboard for your home.

Here are a few quick and easy white headboard options to choose from:

White Wood Headboards

There are many design options you can choose from if you want to make your headboard out of wood.  An easy and simple design is to buy a sheet of beadboard from your local home improvement center, add a couple of 2 x 4’s to the back edges for support and finish it with white enamel paint.  This white beadboad headboard is perfect for a house on the beach, a house in the country, or a stylish and elegant city loft.

Another cheap white wood headboard idea that is simple to do but looks great when finished is it to lay out a few 1×4’s horizontally as slats (or if you want the slats narrower, rip them down to 1×2’s) and then attach the horizontal slats to a couple of vertical 1×4’s set behind them.  Once you’ve laid out your design, you should paint all wood slats with white enamel paint (prime them first) before attaching them together.  Despite its minimalist design, this white slat headboard can really look chic with some attractive bedding.

White Metal Headboards

Metal headboards are a great way to add elegance to a bedroom, whether the design is traditional or contemporary.  But there is no need to run out and spend a fortune on buying a white metal headboard when you can make one yourself for a fraction of the cost, and have loads of design options at your fingertips.  You can use anything from a section of wrought iron fencing to a couple of metal garden trellises, fireplace screens, or room dividers that you find in metal and spray paint them with white enamel paint made for metal use.  Then simply attach them to the wall behind your bed and you have an interesting and inexpensive white metal headboard.  You can also use corrugated metal sheets, tin ceiling tiles, and metal piping to create a more contemporary look, and by adding a coating or two of white paint, you can really make them pop.

White Upholstered Headboards

Upholstering a headboard is relatively easy to do and gives you the option of adding any type of fabric and design you want to your bedroom.  All you need is a solid piece of MDF or plywood cut to the size of your bed or a little larger (if you are looking to make a white queen headboard, then the bed will be 60” wide and you can make your headboard that size or slightly larger – if you have another sized bed, of course your dimensions will be different – 39” for a twin headboard, 54” for a double headboard, 76” for a king headboard).  If you really want to get creative, you can cut the plywood into an interesting shape using a jigsaw, but it also looks nice as a basic rectangular headboard.

Once your plywood is cut to the right size, you can glue 2” foam to the board and then add a layer of batting over the foam.  Then your white fabric can be laid over the batting, making sure it is lined up and centered if there is any type of pattern on the fabric, pulled around the edges and stapled to the back of the board.  This headboard option gives you tons of versatility because you can choose any type of fabric you want, and if down the road you prefer another fabric, you can keep the basic frame that you made and simply replace the white fabric with a new fabric for a new look.

White Leather Headboards

Love the look of leather, but hate the price?  You can make a stunning, contemporary looking white leather headboard inexpensively by just following the steps for the upholstered headboard above but replacing the fabric with a piece of white leather (that you can buy at a fabric store).  You can even embellish the headboard with rivets or other decorative touches to make it look like a custom-designed expensive piece of furniture.

White Bookcase Headboards

A great way to add interest to your bedroom, as well as storage, is with a white bookcase headboard.  You can build the bookcase headboard yourself, or you can simply go out and buy a few white bookcases and place them behind your bed with some objects of interest placed on the shelves.  The bookcases can be short, tall, graduated in size, or just about any size and style that you want.  If you really want to make the headboard “pop”, you can add some decorative trim around the outside edges of the bookcases to finish off your headboard.

There are lots of ways to make your own white headboard, no matter what type of style you are looking to achieve.  By making your own, you save loads of money over buying a white headboard, and you give yourself loads of design options in the process.   And the nice thing about these white headboards is that if your design tastes change down the road, you can change the color or add to the style of your headboard with just a few small touches.

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